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    Cedar Decking

    Our naturally beautiful Western Red Cedar decking is built to fit our various sizes of galvanized steel brackets. Our 5/4” cedar decks have a smooth surface with rounded edges for ultimate bare foot comfort. The cedar decks are finished with a rounded 1” x 4” side board so the deck stays in place along the frame and bracket. A wax coating is applied on the end grains to avoid rotting, ultimately extending your deck’s life. The cedar decks are glued and screwed together for increased strength and durability. Cedar decks are available in the following sizes: 42”, 48”, 60”, 72”. Cedar decks are placed side-by-side to fit our 7’ and 10’ brackets.

    Dock Frame Work

    Our Tonka Style Docks are strong, versatile and easy to service each year. With our dock system all service is performed above the water. Our docks are simple to extend, reconfigure or adjust should your dock system require changes throughout the years. We use a barrel, pounder, puller, come-along and a wrench each season for annual service. You can rent or purchase tools if you decide to install or remove your Tonka Style Dock system on your own.

    All galvanized pipe used for the frame work or down posts are 1 ½” schedule 40 pipe. This high tensile strength steel is designed specifically for high stress applications. All steel goes through a hot dipped galvanizing process to defend against rust ultimately lengthening the life of your dock while giving it an appealing look for the years to come. All set screws are lubricated to avoid bolt seizing. Bracket widths range from 3’6” to 10’6”.

    All dock accessories are available including: bumpers, ladders, benches, mud plates, safety caps, flag poles, along with additional options.

    Our custom built work barge is Minnetonka Docks’ solution for dock delivery to all property types – no steep banks, woods or landscaping will stop us from serving you.

    Cedar Docks For Sale
    Cedar Dock For Sale Lake Minnetonka
    Galvanized Steel Frame On Cedar Dock

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