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    Who Are We?

    Minnetonka Docks is a full service dock company, specializing in installation and removal of residential docks, boat houses and lifts.

    Minnetonka Docks has new and used docks for sale, boat houses, boat lifts, and all dock accessories.

    With focus on superior customer service and many years of experience, Minnetonka Docks’ work spans throughout the beautiful Lake Minnetonka and surrounding lakes.

    Owner, Ben Bjorklund, grew up on Lake Minnetonka and after college graduation he took his passion for boating into his profession.  Knowing that docks and boating are the central activity for many families on Lake Minnetonka, safety is Minnetonka Docks’ number one concern.


    What dock configuration works best for my lot size? The location of the dock and whether a boat house is involved will impact the answer to the question. We would visit the site in order to recommend the best configuration.

    Do you prefer cedar or composite decking? There are pros and cons to both. We would need to gather additional information to determine which option is best for your family.

    How far in advance do I need to schedule installation or removal? While we prefer 2 weeks advance notice, we can accommodate last minute requests.

    How many years of experience do you have?

    Ben Bjorklund, the owner of Minnetonka Docks, has been installing, repairing, and removing dock and lifts for over ten years and our staff  has a combined experience of 40+ years.

    Call Minnetonka Docks today at (952) 239-5930